Monday, August 01, 2005

Face-off (Someday)

Pooh-Bear asked if I am also revamping the face of the blog. Boy, don't I wish! I'm finding Blogger a little unforgiving. I asked for help from technical support to place buttons in the sidebar. They replied that they don't support that sort of thing, and that I should learn some html code. I'm just a simple accountant, and I don't know nuttin' 'bout no html code! I did manage to get my links into the template, and even kinda got the Knitting Bloggers button into the sidebar. But the picture won't show up even though I have tried many times. Yes, I did insert the location of the picture into the line where it says "image url here" but it still didn't show it's face. You notice Blogger has THEIR button in the sidebar, so I know it can be done! Maybe someone will read this and try to help me with some easy instructions. Oh please, oh please, oh please!!! I won't give up! Life is all about learning and growing. When that stops, I guess it's all over. So, I'd better get busy on the html code thingy. Anyway, the Knitting-On-The-Go web site looks great and I would truly like the blog to look as good. Thanks for asking Pooh-Bear!

BTW, today is my birthday, and I can happily say that life is good! I feel good and look pretty good for my age (unless Stacey and Clinton show up today with a plastic surgeon in tow). That could really bring me down.

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Lois said...

I had trouble when I first started my blog and what I did was to find another blogger website and right click on the page and click on view source and then print out the page. It looks like gibberish, but somehow I figured out what others did and then copied some of their html. Good luck