Saturday, August 27, 2005

It's Not All About Socks

Proof that I do knit other things--not just socks. I love knitting socks and have to have one of a pair with me at all times. I knit them in the car because they are so easy to carry, and I even drag them around the office with me so I can knit a row or two whenever there is a lull. Socks are the perfect mobile project. This scarf, however, is not so bad in the mobility category. It hasn't gotten so large that it won't fit in my bag (as the big, blue sweater/shawl has). It's going to be pretty with the green Swarovsky crystals I bought for it dangling from each of those points. The green in the yarn is pooling on the left, and under other circumstances I would do something about that. In this case I think it gives it character and mystery.

Other projects include the wool tote to be felted that I have on the machine. It will be a surprise for my SIL's Mother, as she makes a stressful move from one city to another. I am knitting multiple cotton face cloths for Christmas stocking stuffers. For a bath lover friend I'm doing a group of pink, lavendar, and purple cloths to be arranged in a big crystal dish with soaps and other stuff. So, a'knitting we will go!!!

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