Monday, August 08, 2005

No, No, I Won't Go!

It's so funny how yarn behaves sometimes. I had a comment from Kris of Knitting Little Bits about her yarn talking back to her. Mine digs its little heels in sometimes! The Picture is of a cabled sock I started some time ago. It's my own pattern and I really want to finish it because I want to post the pattern. But n-o-o-o! This yarn refuses to cooperate. It's Patons Katrina--92% Rayon and 8% polyester. It is very stretchy, and I bought it because a knitting friend had made a bikini out of it and it was wonderfully pliable and soft. So here's the prob, it splits when I try to pick up a stitch, the stitches have to be very loose, and trying to cable evenly with stretchy yarn is difficult. So I put the sock away, but the pattern haunts me. I could start over with a nice undemanding, less mouthy sock yarn, but I think I would live under the shadow of the pink Katrina fiasco. What to do--what to do. Oh well, Kris you're right! Some yarns just have no manners, and they think they are the boss. And they're right!

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