Monday, August 01, 2005

One In Sun Done

The whole sock, and as seen from the front of the leg.

One Baltic Sock is done in Lorna's Laces Sunshine, and I'm having a giant case of second sock syndrome. It looks beautiful just hanging around, but looks like any other sock on the foot. I think my problem is that I just received two skeins of Knit Picks Merino sock yarn in Hollyberry, and I want to knit Christmas socks for me, me, me. But I'll be good! I lovingly put it away and wound the Sunshine to start the second Baltic Sock. All those little swirls and swishes are a lot easier now that I read the lace knitter's blog about making an Excel chart of the pattern and making as many copies as there are pattern repeats. I wish I could remember who came up with that because she is a genius!!! I highlight the row I just finished and throw away the page as I finish each repeat. It goes much faster. Okay, I talked myself into it--I'm ready to start the second sock.

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Rebeckah said...

I bet I know who came up with the idea of putting the repeats into an excel chart. If you are nice, I might even tell you (grinning). Love the sock by the way but don't think I'll use my sunshine for the sock. Think I might make the tivoli top out of it instead.