Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Sock & New List News

Pardon my blur! I took this picture every way I could think of and it still came out dark and blurry. I guess it's dark because the yarn is. This is Knit Picks' Sock Garden in Hollyberry. They are going to be my Christmas socks. Two by two ribs all the way down the leg and top of the foot, and an inverted toe (purled around to put the knit side on the inside). It's a simple pattern, but a decorative one, and this yarn is so sweet! I love Knit Picks, they are just the best. I've been more than happy with all the yarn (a lot) I've ordered from them, and no one can quibble about the price!!! I just ordered some of their Palette--100% Peruvian wool, to make the American Flag socks here. Can't wait!

On other news fronts--there is a new sock knitting list, Sockit2um. Fun talking about, mmmm, just socks. My friend Kris started it and hopes all you sock knitters out there will join in and share tips, problems, FO's, and patterns/links. I'll put a button up here as soon as they have one.

I haven't blogged for the last few days because I've been involved in a major accounting project. I still have my knitting basket beside my desk, and only receive mild disapproval when I pick up my knitting during a meeting. It's who I am, and I am nothing without knitting in my hand!

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