Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Macy The Knitting Companion/Dog

I don't know how I've lasted this long without posting a picture of my little Macy. She is a two year old Jack Russell Terrier, and a great knitting companion. I know that a lot of knitters have cats who usually love to curl up in the middle of a knitting project. Well, so does Macy. She likes to be in my lap, under the knitting while I work, and gets only mildly upset when I accidentally stick her with a needle. She is very sensitive to my moods, and if the knitting isn't going well (as in the case of the alpaca lace shawl) she climbs up and puts her front paws around my neck and rubs her little face against mine. A-w-w-w-w! I guess you can tell by now that she is our baby. The thing about Jack Russells though is that they shed fur 24/7, 365 .

And so it seems that everything I knit has little white "Jack" hairs in, on, woven into it. Still banded skeins of yarn in my stash, wound yarn I'm working with, FO's all contain white fur. Someone asked recently on one of the knitting blogs how to get dust off stash yarn. The answer was to vacuum it. Done it! Done it lots! Still have white fur. So anyone who is gifted with, or falls heir to any of my finished projects will get an extra gift. That's just part of who I am! I just tell myself that cat owners have just as much shed hair around. That's right isn't it--cats do shed?


Kim said...

Cats definitely shed! I haven't had a cat here for over 2 months and I still have hair around and in my yarn! I even have hair around from my kitty who died 2 or 3 years ago... it's crazy!

Katherine said...

Thanks Kim,
I know nothing about cats, except that I am beginning to feel that if I knit I must have one because so many knitters have them.

I enjoy your blog--reading about your knitting and your Australian.

Thanks for the cat info,