Saturday, July 23, 2005

Friends and Family

My friends Kris and I send a box of goodies back and forth between us, and this scarf was in the last box I received. It's made from superwash wool I sent her in a previous box. She had problems with this wool unraveling when it was washed, so I picked up the stitches on each end with the off-white yarn and attached a tassle. It's so cute I can't wait to wear it! Thanks Kris--I love you!!!

What's happening today.... My little GD Samantha is in a theater production of "The Kite". What a cute bunch of kids! We get to see it again today at 2:00. Then we'll have dinner out with the whole crew. When I say crew I mean it! There's mom and dad, brother Chris, grandma and grandpa, two uncles and an aunt. We take up most of a row of seats. There are nine of us for lunch every Sunday, and when the rest of the family is here from Chicago, there are 18 of us. AND, believe it or not, they all love being with each other. I guess that's why we do it every Sunday. I realize more every day how very important friends and family, important doesn't describe it. Essential-maybe; crucial-certainly; life-giving, that's it! Without friends and family there is no life. I'm nothing without them!

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