Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Toe Up or Top Down--That is the Question!

I've tried and I can’t make a toe up sock fit! I’ve been knitting them from the top down for so long that I’m in a rut. So, I picked up some beautiful yarn in a pumpkin color and tried it from the toe up. Didn’t work! By the time I got to the heel it was all misshapen. So I frogged it and tried again—with fewer stitches this time, because it had been so big. Still wasn’t great, but I did get past the heel and around to the ankle. By the time I was ready to go into the ribbing, it still didn’t fit the way my top down socks fit. Ripped it all out again and started over with another yarn—this time a pretty sunshine yellow with a tennis sock pattern. That one yellow tennis sock is in my knitting basket, awaiting a mate, while I knit a top down pair with Knit Picks Snapdragon sock yarn, and finish the green monster from yesterdays post. I will try again! I hate to be beaten by anything, especially a sock! Until then, I’m happy with my old tried and true method.

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