Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Not just any old bag

I have to make another one of these bags. It's huge and holds two plus knitting projects (shawl and socks, etc.), and lots of extra yarn, needles, and accessories. I made "Super Bag" from yarn a purchased at a cute little yarn shop in Taos, while everyone else was skiing. Who needs skiing when you can fondle yarn and watch it spun and dyed too. It was rather pricey, but well worth it! So, I'm thinking that I need to go back to New Mexico and bring a whole bunch more of it home with me. It would make great Christmas gifts, and would also be a good excuse for a trip. Real simple pattern! Cast on about 80 stitches and knit 45 rows. Pick up around the rectangle with a circular needle (US11), and knit until the bag is at least 20 inches high. Knit slots on each corner (sides and ends) for I-cord strapes (make 2), and use an I-cord bind off. I added a ball of cranberry wool I had to the top for color. Felt and you have a great new knitting bag!

Since I can't leave for Taos tonight, I have decided to use the Misti Alpaca to start Lucy's Diamonds AND cast on for the Sunshine Lorna's Laces socks. That's decisive isn't it? That's my motto--make a decision even if it's wishy washy!

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Rebeckah said...

Looks cute. What other kind of wool is there besides Merino? I could use some more ideas as I like to dye my own yarn.