Friday, July 08, 2005

London We Love You

I knit to relax and not think about the day-to-day problems, but it’s impossible to do that today. All I can think about is the pain and suffering of the people injured and dead in London, and about their families. I usually knit along with soft music playing in the background, or with the TV flashing—unwatched as I turn the heel on my latest sock, or finish the ribbing on a sweater that has taken forever to knit. At such times it is almost impossible to believe that there are some in the world who would take lives, injure or maim, in the name of whoever or whatever! Then, we get hit square in the face with a kind of hatred that defies the grasp of human comprehension. I feel really sad and sick from it all.

My prayers are with all our British friends, and especially the people of London. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you against the terrorism that took your loved ones yesterday! We, as Americans, will not forget you in this time of pain and sorrow! WE WILL NOT FORGET!

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