Sunday, July 10, 2005

Who Are You Calling an Old Lady?

This just in, from Entertainment News..."Hollywood star CATHERINE ZETA-JONES has been impressing her celebrity friends with her knitting prowess, despite the hobby being associated with less-than-glamorous old ladies."

Who are they calling a less-than-glamorous old lady? I think I resent that! As a grandmother, I think I give knitting an extremely glamorous image!!! Who are these people who think that only grey-haired old ladies in bathrobes and carpet slippers sit around and knit? I am a hearty and spirited mrfmpg year-old who runs two businesses, works full days in the office, takes care of grandchildren, cooks, cleans etc. etc. etc., and knits on the fly as my younger counterparts do. What's unglamorous about that?

Here's the truth--knitters are a charming, polished, sophistocated group of lovely people, men and women alike! Let me tell you what's unglamorous--reporters who don't get their stories straight before they have them printed, and editors who let such junk get through their inspection.

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