Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lace Madness--Here I come!

Well, I have finally decided, I have to knit lace! I have been watching the Summer of Lace project with great interest, becoming more fascinated with each passing day, and knowing that even though I have been knitting for the aforestated mmfmfg years, I could never ever do that!! I can't stand it, I have to try it! Now keep in mind, I am not a great frogger. I might even admit to HATING frogging. But it seems to me that when you knit those big lace shawls you probably end up frogging a great amount of knitting. I hope I'm wrong about that! I've read about lifelines, and the absolute necessity for bunches of stitch markers, so I hope that will keep me on the straight and narrow path! I'm leaning toward this pattern called Lucy's Diamonds. Seems a good idea to start small (as in scarf) and build to the big shawls. Wish me luck! After all these years I've been bitten by the lace bug--I hope I survive!

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Astabeth said...

You never told - did they take your knitting away from you at the courthouse?