Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What A Day This Has Been...

...what a rare mood I'm in. Why, it's almost like, no, no, that's not the song I should be singing. It should be something like "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen." Nah, that's a little dark, but closer to reality. The last few days have been long and tiring (accounting-wise) due to the end of the quarter reports stacking up on my desk. Add to that a final, all-out effort to get the web site optimized and gorgeous, several beginning Christmas knitting projects, and finishing two patterns I want to post on the web site. My head is spinning!

So, today I took some time during the lunch hour to work on the Baltic sock. I finished the last lace pattern repeat, finished the heel flap, picked up the side stitches, and was four decrease rows into the gusset when I realized--yep, you guessed it, no heel turn. How can a little thing like that cute little cup just disappear like that. I'm sure it was there somewhere. But not on this sock. I had to rip it all the way back to the heel flap, and just got the stitches all picked up when I had to get back to WORK. Can you imagine, I own the place and they still expect me to work!

Well, I guess the moral of this story is--haste makes waste--slow down and live--anything that can happen will happen--something like that. I've got it--live, love, laugh and be happy. I like that one!

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Rebeckah said...

At least you didn't have to frog it back to the cuff. Can't wait to see it.